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International Indian Achiever Awards 2014

International Indian Achiever Awards 2014 held recently was a celebrity affair organised by Poonam Dhillon and Aneel Murarka of Poetic Justice Events & Entertainment in association with Yes Bank.

The award function was organized to recognize acknowledge and honor the indians who achieved their mark in their fields. The ceremony was attended by many celebrities such as Dharmendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Ayushmann Khurrana, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti chopra.

abhinav tibdewal at International Indian Achievers Award 2014 abhinav tibdewal in International Indian Achiever Awards 2014 Dharmendra abhinav tibdewal in International Indian Achiever Awards 2014 shatrughan sinha abhinav tibdewal in International Indian Achiever Awards 2014 abhinav tibdewal with ayushman khurana and vijay kalantri abhinav tibdewal with ayushman khurana abhinav tibdewal with Krystle Dsouza abhinav tibdewal with shishir bajaj abhinav tibdewal with sonali and suman abhinav tibdewal, ayushman khurana and vijay kalantri abhinav tibdewal, ayushman khurana abhinav tibdewal ayushman khurana with abhinav tibdewal ayushman khurana with poonam dhillon images ayushman khurana with poonam dhillon International Indian Achiever Award abhinav tibdewal International Indian Achiever Awards 2014 Dance Performance image by abhinav tibdewal International Indian Achiever Awards 2014 Picture by abhinav tibdewal sonali and suman images with abhinav tibdewal sonali and suman photos with abhinav tibdewal sonali and suman pictures with abhinav tibdewal Team of International Indian Achiever Awards 2014 Image by abhinav tibdewal


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Preity Zinta signs off

Preity Zinta, the bubbly girl of B-town as she is fondly known, is a powerhouse of talent and now, a budding businesswoman too. She started her career in the late 199s with Dil Se, opposite the King of the industry and soon started threatening the reigning queens! Although quite a lot of her movie sank at the box office, she managed to prove her metal with films like Koi Mil Gaya, Mission Kashmir, Lakshya, Kya Kehna, Kal Ho Na Ho and the award winning Heaven On Earth, which got her, her very first international award.

Preity’s career has been a plateau and highs and lows have been extreme! Born on the 31st of January, Preity is an Aquarian. Watch the video to know Preity’s traits and characteristics that make her the bold, witty, talented and proactive human being she is today! Watch the videos on her Hand Writing Analysis, her Chinese Astrology sign, her numerology and her future predictions to know more and compare if you’re an Aquarian as well!

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After Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Vidya Balan giggles

Well much has been said about Ash and her giggles. But these days, someone else’s are being talked about – Vidya Balan’s. The actress while shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj’s Ishqiya, didn’t know that she was going to be bestowed by a new nick… Apparently, Vidya laughed so much on the sets that her co-star Arshad Warsi calls her ‘Giggles’.

“There’s a story behind this,” he told us, “Vidya laughs a lot and can’t control herself. She just goes on laughing like crazy. She doesn’t even need someone to crack a joke… she laughs JLT (just like that). Sometimes she used to crack up in the middle of a shot and then Naseerudin and I had to wait till she finished… Man, that’s some talent she has! So we call her Giggles.” Now, that’s pretty cute… right in the Piggy Chops nick category.

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Dad`s not in touch: Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has six sisters – three older and three younger. She also has a brother, a professional skier and rock climber.

The siblings have been brought up by her mother, a Harvard graduate and successful lawyer, who gave it all up to join a charitable organization. However, while the actress insists that her mom did a fine job, she still misses her dad.

Katrina isn’t in touch with her father. She confessed, “When I see friends who have wonderful fathers who are like pillars of support for their families, I say, if only I had that. But instead of complaining, I should be grateful for all the other things I have.”

Asked if she thinks her father could get back in touch now that she’s a star, Katrina told NDTV’s Walk the Talk, “No, he is not that kind of a man. He is very decent and comes from a good family and they went their own ways because of issues which are personal. He is an affluent person, so he is not going to come back because his daughter is now famous.”

Born in Hong Kong, she says, “My parents separated when we were very young. We were raised by my mother who did a wonderful job. She raised us with the belief and inspiration to find yourself in the world. Live your dreams and find what is going to make you live life freely. She made us tough and she wasn’t the kind of mother who told us to go to college and get a degree and become a doctor or a lawyer. She herself had found her fulfillment in things that were off-beat.”

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New Releases of the week

This week there are four Bollywood movies released at the box office namely, ‘Sankat City’, ‘Morning Walk’, ‘Short-Kut’ and ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’. All the movies except ‘Morning Walk’ are comedy films. Looks like Bollywood believes filling their audiences weekends with fun…Take a look!

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Saif Ali Khan turns singer wearing a towel

Looks like Saif Ali Khan is following Ranbir Kapoor’s footsteps and is singing a song in a towel for his upcoming movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’. In an exclusive interview with Zoom, Saif Ali Khan spoke about his towel scene in his upcoming movie, wherein he said that although there is a revealing scene in the movie, building a six pack or eight pack abs was not the requirement of the script. All this and more…Take a look!

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John Abraham is marathon man

John Abraham is the marathon man this year for the annual Mumbai Marathon. He wants to take his role as the ambassador further.

He will play a major role in organising the event, will help raise funds and actively publicise the event. John Abraham says, “The event is scheduled for January 17 next year, but we have announced that we will accept entries starting now.

The sole reason is that we want to take the Mumbai Marathon to a different level. We want people to not only go for the dream run, but also aim for the half or full marathon and with proper practice, one can do it. Those who finish in certified time, will be eligible for marathons like Boston and London as well. As many as 140 charitable organisations benefit from the collections of the marathon. This seven-year-old marathon managed to collect eight crores and next year, we will be crossing 10-12 crores.”

John is going to take his role as the ambassador very seriously. He says, “I will be playing a double role this year. I will encourage people by showing that if I can do it, you can do it too. Mumbai is one of the most generous cities. As an event ambassador, I will have lot of other obligations and I will be the first person to be there and the last to leave. Anil and Vivek Singh, the organisers of the marathon, told me that the entry sequence in New York is the ideal way to motivate people to participate.”
The star has currently taken time off to heal as he had been limping on crutches. Speaking about himself as a sports fanatic, he said, “I have got off the crutches just last week and the bone I broke was the load bearing bone. But I know one thing that whenever I get injured, I try and work ten times harder. That’s my natural tendency. In fact, this injury will motivate me to do things better. I am a sports person and my orthopedic surgeon says that I am crazy, but he really can’t stop me.”

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Katrina Kaif : Call me Desirable not Sexy

We thought Katrina and Kareena have made peace with each other but then you shouldn’t believe every thing you hear.

Elated with the rave reviews she got for acting, Katrina at a recent press meet, announced that she doesn’t need to wear a short skirt or show her legs to get audiences to go for her film or to love her. Apparently, she was taking a dig at Kareena, who donned a bathing suit in her latest movie Kambakkht Ishq.

Tell her that she too has recently topped a poll for the Sexiest Asian Woman… and Kat says, “I think it was Race that tilted the scale. My fans saw a different Katrina and they liked her. But I think here people vote for who they like as opposed to the west where they are governed by the definition of the word.

Personally, I’d prefer being called desirable to sexy since I don’t want to alienate my family audience. Maybe 20 years from now, I’ll find it sweet.”

In case you’re wondering why Katrina is fiddling with fire, we have two words for you – New York. The film has won Kat accolades not just for her beauty but this time also for her talent as an actress.

If sources are to be believed, it was during an event recently for the special screening of Kareena’s latest flick ‘Kambakkht Ishq’, that Bebo and Kat could be seen literally avoiding each other.

Reports reveal that Akshay Kumar was hosting the show and along with him, there was Katrina Kaif and his good friend Riteish Deshmukh. While Katrina bonded with Riteish, Kareena was nowhere to be seen.

Grapevine has it that Kareena, who arrived late and made a quiet entry, left mid-way, while Katrina sat through the entire film.

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Who Says Pappu Can`t Dance Saala?

It seems Imran Khan is breaking all his rules for Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.’s latest flick ‘Luck’ directed by Soham Shah.

The dashing young actor, known for having two left feet has always shied away from a dance sequence. But for his latest film ‘Luck’, Imran decided to take a chance and bend his rules

According to our sources, Soham was very keen on Imran shaking a leg with co-star Shruti Haasan for a special number in the film called ‘Jee Le’ composed by Salim – Sulaiman. Initially, Imran developed cold feet and declined to go ahead and dance. But his choreographer Remo assured him that it wouldn’t be as tough as Imran thought, and his worries were immediately put to rest. Imran readily agreed to give it a chance and gave his best shot. And with what we hear, the outcome is absolutely splendid Imran himself was impressed and couldn’t stop beaming.

Says the director Soham Shah, “After a 2 day rehersal, we started shooting the song and the result is there for all to see When Imran decides to do something, he does it so well” beams the proud director.

Well, so now Pappu can dance saala

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Kangana Ranaut has a ghostly dosh in her kundali

It’s raining celebs on Sony’s Dus Ka Dum. Next to join the bandwagon is the stunning actress Kangana Ranaut who wooed the audience with her outstanding performance in the film ‘Fashion’.

As per the sources from the sets, “She had a grand entry with the other ramp models on the stage. Her catwalk was oozing confidence. The film ‘Fashion’ has really given huge make over to this beauty.”

Talking about her act our khabroo states, “She enjoyed the episode with Sallu’s company. They both shared a hearty laugh and danced on Salman’s song, Tenu leke main jawanga… from Salam-e-Ishq.”

A pandit was also called on the sets who gave predictions on the future of Kangana. “He said that the actress has a ghostly dosh in her kundali. Hearing this Kangana immediately replied, “Panditji don’t say this on TV, as hearing this nobody will propose marriage to me”.

It was full of masti with Kangana showing her acting talent to Salman. For more you have to wait for this weekend, so stay tunned.

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